Frequently Asked Questions

We target people with an open mind, good vibes and great willingness to experience the adventure of a new way of traveling. We dare you to enjoy a different weekend with the surprise of an unexpected destination. Next-Where is responsible for everything concerning flights and accommodation, and we also keep the destination a total mystery until 48 hours before your flight leaves. Knowing that you have a fully programmed holiday weekend and not knowing where is simply fascinating!

It's about traveling by surprise! We offer a novel and easygoing way to travel around America and surroundings. The surprise of the destination is part of the adventure. Once you tell us which city you want to leave from and select your weekend we will take care of the air tickets and accommodation. You just seat back, relax and enjoy your amazing surprise weekend getaway!

It is the city that Next-Where will choose for your trip. You will find out 48 hours in advance of your flight.

No. The idea of ??traveling by surprise would be distorted. Next-Where offers you the great alternative of living an adventure on your weekend trip.

We know you will get a little bit anxious. If you wish you can tell us at when you want us to communicate the destination but not before the Monday prior to your trip. The idea is that the mystery/surprise will be part of your experience!

It is the city of origin where the airport of departure and arrival of your flights is at. You do not necessarily have to reside in it.

Trips are scheduled for weekends and you can opt for three-day trips (two nights of accommodation) from Friday to Sunday or four days (three nights of accommodation) returning on Monday. According to your budget you define the travel option. All trips include round trip flights and hotel accommodation. The Sunday option includes two hotel nights from $ 499 per person; and the Monday option includes three hotel nights from $ 599 per person

Once you indicate your city of origin Next-Where shows 20 possible destinations. You have the option to discard destinations that you do not want to visit, the first two discards being free. Then you can delete destinations up to a maximum of 10 for the payment of $ 20 each. From the remaining cities your destination will be selected.

Because if your passport is valid, your surprise destination can be a city from another country.

Indicate the number of travelers (minimum two), your seat and whether or not you have a passport and then click on the "Start" button. The web will guide you in a practical and agile way until you make your reservation online.

Of course. You can make the modifications of cities and define schedules as many times as you wish before the final step of payment.

No. And that's the fascinating thing about Next-Where! Not knowing the destination will transform a simple trip into an adventure. For each departure 12 cities are proposed and one of them is your destination. You have the option to eliminate one free and up to seven for the amount of $ 10 each. You can see all possible destinations after selecting your departure city and clicking the "Start Now" button.

We hope that is not your case. We offer the possibility of eliminating cities that you do not want to visit so that this does not happen. But we know that each city has its charm and offers possibilities to discover. In Next-Where we have studied destinations that offer activities and alternatives of interest that we detail in the city guide offered through our mobile app. Open-mindedness and good predisposition are welcome!

We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance because the flight seats are limited and the values may increase. However, as long as there are places available in our calendar you can make your reservation.

Forty-eight hours before your flight your destination will be available by accessing “My Reservation”, it will also be informed to your contact email & via mobile app. We will also send flight and accommodation information and a necessary portfolio for transfers and information of interest. You will be provided all details so you can check-in to your corresponding flights and hotel accommodations.

In each destination we have selected a series of hotels with similar characteristics to achieve alternative accommodation. In general, these are design or boutique hotels rated two stars or higher, located near the center and in neighborhoods with easy access to public transport. Click here to view some of the accomodations that we work with in each city.

Usually, the accommodation does not include breakfast. However, the chosen hotels can offer this service on behalf of the traveler. It is not ruled out that in some cases the accommodation could include breakfast.

No. Next-Where only covers the round trip and accommodation indicated. While we may recommend or suggest activities or meals, we do not cover any of those costs, unless specifically stated as courtesy in a timely manner

We do not include these services because they are too complex to coordinate or supervise. However, we can suggest efficient forms of transfer or car rental agencies at airports.

The rooms are all with private bathroom and the accommodation will not be shared with strangers. If it is a group of travelers can be double, triple and quadruple rooms to suit the quantities, but there is the possibility that they are accommodated in different rooms in case the hotel does not have the required capacity. When making your reservation you must indicate preference of beds and arrangement of couples.

For now, we do not offer that possibility. Two people is the minimum. Anyway, you can send us your contact info and we will let you know as soon as we have that option.

Only to have your current identity documentation (ID or driver's license) up to date. In case of travel abroad you must have your current passport updated. In case you do not have it, make sure to check “no” when prompted if you have a valid passport.

The Sunday option prices (3 days / 2 nights) have a base of $ 499 per person and the Monday option (4 days / 3 nights) have a base of $ 599 per person for most weekends. These prices can be increased by: a) holidays or special demand weekends; b) increases due to last-minute reservations; c) events or special events in certain destinations; d) seasonal increase of airlines. Also, the prices will be adjusted by: a) elimination of possible destinations; b) special flight schedule requirements. In all cases the adjustments will be reflected in the shopping cart of the online booking prior to the decision to hire the reservation.

The price includes departure and return flights as well as accommodation. The price does not include the official taxes effective in the US. It can happen that in some airports or in some hotels there is a special rate that must be paid by the traveler.

Payment is by credit card and will be charged at the time the reservation is made for the total amount of the trip. We offer through Paypal financing for qualifying individuals - subject to credit check & approval. When checking out select the option for Paypal Credit and follow the steps to see if you qualify. **The service is offered by Paypal - we are not responsible for any decision made by them

Usually commercial airlines in the US accept to dispatch a suitcase at no additional cost in addition to cabin baggage. However, some low-cost flights usually charge for checked baggage and are strict in cabin dimensions. Next-Where does not cover any expenses for checked baggage and advises to consult the corresponding airline which are the conditions required for the traveler.

The airlines we work with are the commercial ones. You may fly over a traditional line or a low-cost line. It will depend on the host airport, the dates and the current demand.

Obviously, and we highly encourage it! If you book separately, it would be important to indicate in the observations section of your reservation who make up the group to add them to the trip together.

Usually you can exchange dollars at the exchange agencies of the airports on arrival or in the center of the city.

Once you know your surprise destination, it is advisable that you communicate with your bank or the entities that operate your credit cards to let them know your intention to travel so they can authorize transactions that you may perform in the destination. This way you can avoid inconveniences or delays when you have to use them.

We do not guarantee returns or changes. Upon completion of your reservation, the purchase of flight tickets is made immediately and the accommodation is contracted, so there are no lapses for cancellations or modifications.

We trust that nothing will go wrong, but in the event of any inconvenience or complication that may occur during your stay you can communicate by phone or by email 24 hours a day for the duration of your trip.

Of course! You can do so by clicking here

It's an exclusive Next-Where promotion for our travelers! At the end of your trip you will receive a notification via e-mail of the Next-Trip promotion that consists of a discount code of 5% of the value of the next trip you make with Next-Where. This code is valid to be applied only once within a period of six months of issuance. It can be transferred and applied to any of the Sunday or Monday options and has no restrictions on the number of travelers.

There should be no inconvenience to do so as long as you have an address that we are able to locate yourself in the US. Tourists, itinerant travelers or people of passage must have a reference hotel or accommodation address where they can contact and make shipments, at least one week before the trip. Next-Where will not be responsible for situations of flight losses, inconveniences to arrange the documentation in term or immigration problems that could happen with non-resident US travelers.

When reserving your trip, you can eliminate up to three destinations for free, make sure to eliminate any previous destination that you already visited with us. If you do not, we can not guarantee that the same destination won’t be selected.

You can do it but after having traveled. In order to keep the surprise at the destination, we do not accept frequent flyer numbers. In general, airlines allow you to attach the loyalty number after you have taken the flight.

It can be a city of all the destinations that Next-Where offers.

The step by step process of our surprise trips.

  1. You fill out the required information and book your trip - For instructions on how to book read next FAQ.

  2. You will receive a confirmation email like the one below:  

  3. You will now be able to log in to your reservation with the reservation code provided and your email. 

  4. A few days after purchasing your trip you will receive an email containing instructions on what to expect, pretty much the same as we are covering here. 

  5. A week before travel you will receive a very important email which contains:

    1. Airport Info: Where you need to be and at what time. 

    2. Weather at Destination: What to expect.

    3. Packing Tips: What to pack - Should you pack a swimsuit or a coat?

    4. The time that you will be landing back at home, so you can plan ahead.

    5. Baggage restrictions.

      *We will update you on the weather if major changes occur in the upcoming days.

  6. On the same week before departing you will receive a package on the address provided. This package includes a few souvenirs and envelopes with your destination, hotel & flight information.

  7. 24 hours before departure we will do the online check-in for you. So you are ready to go as soon as you get to the airport (if we aren't able to do it for any reason we will contact you).

  8. Once at the airport, you should open up the envelope labeled "Destination Inside" - YAY! 

  9. Two hours before departure you will receive an email that has all the information regarding flight + hotel, with a link with recommendations on how to get from the destination airport to your assigned hotel. 

  10. At this point you will have access to our mobile app (Android | IOS), it unlocks 48hrs before departure (although we recommend that you don't take a look at it before you open the envelope).  

    On the app you will have access to: 

    1. Flight + Hotel Info

    2. A hand-crafted city guide 

    3. A list of events going on that same weekend

    4. A Scavenger Hunt Game - You have to do tasks on the destination to unlock prizes (Beta Testing)

    5. Contact Chat Support. 

  11. The following day you receive return flight info so you can check-in for your flight.


 If you don’t see your departure city listed as a departure don’t panic. Click where it says, “submit a request” and fill out the form. We will create a trip departing from your city in 24 business hours.

Refer to image below

Book a surprise Trip from an unlisted city


Booking a surprise trip is really easy just follow this 5 simple steps. 


1. Select number of Passengers & your departure city.

How To Book Surprise Trip


2. Select the weekend you wish to travel in the calendar. You can choose to return on Sunday or Monday.

If you need to apply any time restrictions you can do so in this screen (fees apply).

How to book a surprise trip 2 


3. Eliminate any destination that you don’t want to visit. (Fees apply)

How to book a surprise trip



4. Carefully fill out each passenger’s information and apply any promo code you may have to your order.

Please, take the time to review your order for any mistakes.

How to book a surprise trip


5. Checkout with Paypal.

  Click Here To Book  

Departure flights to surprise destination always leave on Friday. As we have two travel options: if you choose the Sunday option, the return flights are on Sunday and if you choose the Monday option, the returns are on Monday.

Departures to the surprise destination are scheduled for Friday. The returns to the the city of origin are scheduled for Sunday or Monday depending on the option contracted. They can leave at any time within said days. However, if you have a special time slot priority, you can use the time filter at the time of making your reservation for an additional $ 20. Next-Where guarantees a minimum of 48 hours in the destination city in the Sunday option and 72 hours in the Monday option even if you have not opted to set a time priority. In general, it is intended that the departure flights be during the morning of Friday and those of return in the afternoon.

Next-Where is not responsible for delays, rescheduling or flight cancellations. In those cases, passengers have the rights and rewards that airlines agree to when purchasing their flight tickets. If the delay is greater than 4 hours, the airline must offer food and drinks and if the flight is rescheduled for the next day, the airline must also offer accommodation and transportation to the assigned accommodation. In the event of cancellation of the flight, the airline is responsible for relocating passengers on another flight or returning the ticket.

Of course. If any of the passengers requires special assistance, whether due to reduced mobility, special medical equipment or any other type of assistance at the airport, you must indicate this when making your reservation in the observations section. We will do our best to facilitate the trip and make it a special one!

It will depend on the pregnancy period. You should consult with your doctor before making the decision to fly. Beginning at week 28 and whenever the pregnancy is uncomplicated, pregnant women are required to carry a medical certificate stating that they are "fit to fly". However, some airlines reserve the right to travel to pregnant women over 28 weeks.

Yes of course! Families are welcome and we are sure that everyone will have a great time. When traveling with your children, indicate in comments suggestions of likes, interest in activities or preferences to share, so that we can make an evaluation of the surprise destination that can best satisfy them. If necessary, we will communicate in advance to expand information.

In Next-Where individuals under 21 can not travel alone. They may do so accompanied by an adult passenger who must have them under their care and demonstrate a relationship of kinship or duly certified legal authorization. Minor passengers can travel without their parents or legal guardians as long as they carry both their passport and a travel authorization permit signed by their parents duly certified. We suggest consulting the current legislation in each case both for flights within the country and to travel abroad. In such circumstances, Mitnites Corp. is not responsible for any controversy that may occur, being the responsibility of the Client and his accompanying travelers to take cognizance of the current official information on travel of minors.

For children under 2 years we have a rate of $ 200 in any of the options of stay. Children over this age must pay the adult rate. Please contact us for more details.

Unfortunately, the gift card purchase is final.

This is just to ensure that the recipient will be traveling from one of our host cities.

This is just to ensure that the recipient will be traveling from one of our host cities.

Of course, just use the gift code on your next reservation.

No, the gift card has a one-time use. Make sure you use the entirety of the gift card when reserving your trip.

No, the gift card does not expire.

That is up to you, although there is a minimum amount of $100.

There are two options:

  1. We send a personalized email with the gift code to the recipient 
  2. We send you a PDF version so you can print it at home and give it in person.

  • The sender purchases a gift card of a desired amount.
  • The recipient gets a unique gift code.
  • The recipient enters the code when booking his/her trip and the gift amount will be deducted from the total of their reservation.

By making a reservation you must accept that you have read and understood all the T & Cs that are displayed on the Next-Where website and that also contemplate the use of the mobile operating platform through the NW App. A reminder of these is displayed at download it to access its use. You can access our T&C here.

The Scavenger Hunt game is activated through the NW App. The system is very simple and automatic. There are predetermined “tasks” to be completed after each completion a new task will be activated. At the end of the hunt the user will receive a prize.

The NW App is designed to work under the iOS and Android operating systems.

None. There is no type of requirement or condition to remove it from your mobile device when you consider it appropriate.

There is no time limit to continue with NW App on your cell phone, and you can also unsubscribe at any time. It is advisable to keep it active even after completing the trip, in order to access information related to subsequent offers, reminders, or to stay active as a Next-Where traveling member.

It is advisable because through the NW App you will receive notifications, flight details, accommodation information, destination city guides, a scavenger hunt and you could win prizes among other benefits. In case you do not do it, you will receive the information of Destination, flights and accommodation via e-mail but you will not have the possibility of participating in the scavenger hunt and prizes offered

It has no cost to the Client.

After you book your trip with us you will receive a download link in your confirmation e-mail. It is not available to obtain it previously or if you are not a Next-Where Client.

Next-Where App (NW App) is an add-on offered by Next-Where inside your contracted Pack so that, through your cell phone, you can consult and permanently inform you of the specific details of your trip.

It is an engaging and interactive way of getting to know your destination a little bit better. You will be given hints/clues to complete tasks around your destination. After completing all tasks you will receive a surprise gift.

No. The city hunt is optional and is already included in your surprise package.

It is an assignment that the user must complete in order to unlock the next one. After all tasks are completed the user will have finished the hunt.

The number of tasks vary depending on each city. Usually there are 6-10 tasks in each destination.

You can always contact us for help, but we encourage you to think (everyone should be able to complete all tasks).

In most occasions we give the users that complete the hunt a surprise gift to enjoy at their destination.

You can start anywhere. Just go to the section of the app called “City Hunt” to start playing.

No, but you will eventually be returning home, so hurry up before you have to catch your flight back!

It is designed to take from 2-3 hours depending each city, but you can do it at your own pace. The idea is that you enjoy the city while doing the hunt.

Okay. Lets pretend the hunt is in Chicago. An example of a clue would be: Famous for brick and house but not for being a constructor. He stood out as a commentator and was given a statue. The clue would be referring to Jack Brickhouse Statue on N Michigan Ave.

It is a program where the user submits different tasks and earns NW Points valid towards a surprise trip.

Anyone who is 18 and older can become a collaborator, although a person of 21 years of age must be present at the time of travel.

Each task has a different NW Point value here is a list of each task.

  • Blog Post – 30 NW Points
  • Press Release – 45 NW Points
  • Create a Google Map for a destination city* - 120 NW Points
  • Points of Interest – 3 NW Points
  • Hotels – 10 NW Points
  • Scavenger Hunt Clues – 12 NW Points
  • Upload Events – 3 NW Points
  • Social Media Content – 7 NW Points
  • Pinterest Pins – 7 NW Points
  • Youtube Explainer Video - 80 NW Points

Each NW Point is worth $1 towards a surprise trip.

Every entry is checked by a moderator for creativity, relevance and originality. We are looking for more than a copy and paste from Tripadvisor.  

You will be credited once your collaboration is accepted.

Login to your collaborator account and select “Reedem Points” – Please allow 48 hours for your request to be processed. 

Refer to image below:

Collaborator Point Redeem

Once you redeem your NW Points you will get a Gift Code for the amount of points completed. Of course, you are free to transfer it to your friend or loved ones.

You can redeem them at any time, if you have 10 points, you will get a gift code worth $10 towards your surprise vacation.

We will have to do that manually, please email us at travel@next-where.com