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Next-Where it’s the new unconventional way of living a surprise travel experience.


It’s easy

Forget about searching for flights and looking up hotels. We do it for you!


It’s cheap

We deal with flight tickets and accommodation in hotels of 3 and 4 stars


It’s fun

Simply dedicate yourself to enjoy a different travel experience!

How it works?

Getting started it’s really easy!


Book your trip

Select the number of adventurers, choose your magical weekend & cross-out any unwanted destinations.


Check your mailbox

One week prior to your trip you will receive weather info, packing tips & the famous destination envelope.


Have fuuun!

Once at the airport open up the destination envelope, hop into the plane and enjoy your surprise vacation!

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Our travelers showing us some love!


Traveling alone is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself, but not knowing the  destination is on a whole different level. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who asks. I loved getting to know cities I never even considered visiting before. San Antonio was a blast!

- Lara (New York, NY)


Next-Where blew us away with the thoughtful and expert crafting of an amazing trip for us. They really pulled it off and gave us the best experience ever!

- Majed & Adam (San Francisco, CA)


It was our first time doing a surprise trip. We never thought it would be so fun and exciting. We will difinitely be doing it again Spring Break 2020!

- Sammie, Angie & Nat (Austin, TX)


We had a great experience with Next-Where. The anticipation factor was so incredible. We would certainly do this again!


- Annette & William (Philadelphia, PA)


We would never imagine this destination would be so amazing! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Silva (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)


Alejandra went above and beyond to help me book a solo trip, although they didn't have the option for that on the site. It was an exciting and pleasant adventure and it was my first surprise trip and also my first solo trip.

- Agustina (New York, NY)


 We got Orlando! Thanks Next-Where... You read our minds!


- Orlando (Orlando, FL)


Incredible trip, staying at the heart of NYC. 

Thanks for a great weekend,

- Zahi & Anna (New York, NY)


Amazing Weekend in NOLA. They booked us on a great hotel near Bourbon Street. We had a blast!

- Horace & Julio (West Palm Beach, FL)


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