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Don’t miss out on street Art in New-York !

Don’t miss out on street Art in New-York !
Indeed, even the origins of the movement are blurred. New York is unanimously considered as the cradle in

In recent years graffiti has taken an important place in the art world, we can find it in different cities of the United States: Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles ... but of course New York is the stronghold of this contemporary art. 70s art has largely developed there and it has gradually imposed itself on the four corners of the world.


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My wife and I usually take 2-3 trips per year, and this was one of the most enjoyable ones yet. Next-where planned a whole agenda for us, full of places to explore that we would never have thought to go to. Our hotel was in prime location downtown, walking distance from almost everywhere we wanted to go. We will definitely let Next-Where plan another trip for us and have already recommended them to my friends.

One last thing, the scavenger hunt was great.  I’ve been to New York twice before and never stepped foot in Central Park.  We ended up spending about half of a day exploring and enjoying it because of the scavenger hunt (even for hours after we completed it) so please don’t ever abandon that portion of the trip experience.

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